August 21, 2023

GGWP at gamescom and devcom 2023

GGWP is going to gamescom and devcom 2023 — come talk to us! Heads up: Our CEO Dennis Fong 🔜 gamescom and CTO George Ng will be in Cologne August 20-27 for devcom and gamescom! We’re...

July 19, 2023

Democratizing positive play — GGWP goes free

We’re thrilled to announce that GGWP's best-in-class AI-powered game moderation tools are now available to everyone, for free, up to ~5,000 MAU! Learn more at

July 18, 2023

Feature Spotlight: Contextual Chat

There are many benefits to AI-driven, context-aware moderation. Adding the extra context beyond each line of chat leads to more accurate identification of toxic behavior, resulting in a more...

July 17, 2023

Better Game Moderation

Toxic behavior in games can be a serious problem that can ruin the experience for many players. What’s more, it’s often bad for business — a new player who experiences toxicity within their...