November 9, 2023

Game Changer: Impact of Chat Sanctions on Toxicity

Game Changer: Impact of Chat Sanctions on Toxicity Recently, Omeda Studios shared results around the impact GGWP’s AI-based chat moderation had on reducing toxic behavior within Predecessor, their...

October 24, 2023

Unity Toxicity in Games Roundtable

Unity Toxicity in Games Roundtable On October 19, our CTO Dr George Ng joined Dr. Kimberly Voll, Tony Jones, and Leticia Patricio for a roundtable discussion on Toxicity in Gaming hosted by Unity...

October 11, 2023

GGWP Chat API Integration – Unity Example

Integrating GGWP’s Chat with External Chat Services: Unity Example  At GGWP, we aim to simplify game moderation integration. A common question is how exactly to integrate our chat moderation if...

August 21, 2023

GGWP at gamescom and devcom 2023

GGWP is going to gamescom and devcom 2023 — come talk to us! Heads up: Our CEO Dennis Fong 🔜 gamescom and CTO George Ng will be in Cologne August 20-27 for devcom and gamescom! We’re...

July 19, 2023

Democratizing positive play — GGWP goes free

We’re thrilled to announce that GGWP's best-in-class AI-powered game moderation tools are now available to everyone, for free, up to ~5,000 MAU! Learn more at

July 18, 2023

Feature Spotlight: Contextual Chat

There are many benefits to AI-driven, context-aware moderation. Adding the extra context beyond each line of chat leads to more accurate identification of toxic behavior, resulting in a more...

July 17, 2023

Better Game Moderation

Toxic behavior in games can be a serious problem that can ruin the experience for many players. What’s more, it’s often bad for business — a new player who experiences toxicity within their...