To help games harness their data to create safe and positive environments for their players.

GGWP is a technology company that thoughtfully leverages AI to identify and respond to disruptive player behavior and empowers moderators to become superhuman with automation and streamlined tools.

Meet Our Team

Dennis “Thresh” Fong

Co-founder & CEO

Dennis’ introduction into videogames started with Doom in 1993, when his older brother fired up online multiplayer for the first time. Games quickly grew into a passion for Dennis — and as it turns out, he was also pretty good at them — eventually leading to Dennis becoming the world champion of the Doom and Quake series and winning John Carmack’s Ferrari in a Quake tournament in 1997. Dennis was called the “Michael Jordan of video games” by the Wall Street Journal, is an Esports Hall of Fame inductee, and is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s first professional gamer.

Dennis is also a successful entrepreneur, having previously co-founded five companies in gaming and SaaS totaling over $1B in exits including Xfire and Lithium Technologies, and is a venture partner at BITKRAFT Ventures. Dennis is still an active gamer today and has reached Diamond rank in Apex Legends, PUBG, and top 100 in the world in Clash Royale.

Kun’s introduction to multiplayer games started with modem dial-up sessions of Command & Conquer Red Alert and Starcraft LAN parties over IPX with high school friends. During college, Kun logged way too many hours playing Diablo 2 and Defense of the Ancients Warcraft 3 mod with his dormmates. One of his favorite bonding experiences with coworkers was playing Left 4 Dead, Starcraft 2 (Protoss) and watching the GSL Finals in the office until 2am in the mornings.

Kun graduated from UC Berkeley double majoring in EECS and Mathematics and pursued a PhD in CS at Carnegie Mellon. Having worked with the founders of PayPal and HOTorNOT, Kun became a serial entrepreneur, having founded multiple social media and content platforms including geo-social network Frappr and the leading anime media company Crunchyroll,  acquired for over $1B by Sony Pictures.

Kun Gao

Co-founder & COO

Dr. George Ng

Co-founder & CTO

George has been playing games since a young age – from the NES Zelda to Diablo 4 today. He passed his 6th grade computer science class by showing his teacher how to optimize building in Sim City 2000, once stayed up 36 hours straight playing Civ 4, and almost lost a girlfriend trying to get 120 stars in Mario 64 in a sitting. He hopes to help create a safer online gaming environment in large part for his kids as they transition to Roblox, Minecraft and beyond.

Like his co-founders, George is a repeat entrepreneur. George founded and was CTO at Cyence, which was acquired by Guidewire Software where he served as CDO. Previously, he was the Chief Data Scientist at Cray and a Research Scientist at DARPA. George has also taught ML (UCB – Eng), Game Theory (American – Math) and Economics (UCI – Econ). George received his PhD from UC Irvine and B.A. from UC Berkeley.

Kim is a leading expert in player dynamics and was previously co-founder and Executive Director of the Fair Play Alliance, a cross-industry alliance of hundreds of game developers located around the world, and together we focus on fostering healthy online play collaboratively. Kim has been a game developer for over two decades, is currently Head of Studio for Brace Yourself Games, and was previously a principal designer at Riot Games where she launched the League of Legends Honor system and was responsible for player dynamics best practices across all titles.

Dr. Kimberly Voll


Dr. Celeste Kidd


Celeste is a Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and is founder of the Kidd Lab, which studies the processes involved in knowledge acquisition, especially in children, using a combination of computational and behavioral methods. Celeste was amongst the “Silence Breakers” who were named Time Person of the Year in 2017.


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