Discord: find your champions and protect your social community

Why use GGWP for Discord?

Made for game communities

GGWP’s community is built by gamers, for gamers. We understand and constantly update our models with the nuances of gaming and Discord jargon.

Community Insights

Learn about the trends and health of the conversation in your Discord channel; identify spikes of toxic conversation so your community team knows where to focus

Player 360°

Include Discord participation in players’ reputation scores so you see each player’s full contribution across your game and Discord community 

Identifies positive influencers

See which of your players are the most positive and active across time so you can find your next set of moderators and the best candidates for rewards


Elevate your Discord Community

Your community is built with every touchpoint a player has – with your game and each other. This includes your official Discord channel, especially before you launch.

GGWP looks at your community health across Discord and your game (if you are post-launch), bringing down the wall across these settings.

Our Discord bot and dashboard give you the insights you need to understand trends, review incidents, and identify players who are contributing the most negativity or positivity to your user community, so you can act to sanction or reward them.


Game feedback and FUD detections

View incidents of negative feedback of your game as well as conversation sowing Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt in your community.

GGWP shows you what players are talking about so you can learn from the feedback and improve – or take action on the most negative players of your community who are ruining the fun for everyone else. 


Comprehensive Player Reputations

Know each player’s holistic contribution to your community – across time and contexts.

Our player reputations take into account the positive, neutral, and negative messages and actions taken by each player and auto-detected by our AI, meaning that our reputations are truly holistic and comprehensive.

With a complete player 360° view, you can deeply understand your community and moderate players with confidence.


Global Language Coverage

Use GGWP to moderate the behavior of your audience globally. We have comprehensive language coverage and add new languages regularly, when we see an increase in volume or customer need.

Our current languages include Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.


Easy to get started

All you have to do to get started is invite the GGWP bot to your server.

We take it from there, serving your community moderators insights about incidents and players in our easy-to-use dashboard, included at no charge with your subscription.


Is your Discord product designed for web 2.0 or web 3.0 games?

Both. Our web 2.0 and web 3.0 customers tend to emphasize different areas of the product, but it is built to serve both sets of needs.
At the end of the day, no matter which type of community you have, our customers want players to engage with each other in a positive and constructive manner, and they want to identify the most toxic and the most positive members of their community so they can take appropriate action to sanction or reward them.

Will this product work if I only have a pre-launch Discord community right now?

Absolutely! GGWP can still create comprehensive player reputations for your Discord members based on just Discord at first. Then, when your game launches, we will add your in-game chat, reporting and gameplay detections to make those scores even more robust.

If I have both in-game Chat and Discord Chat, will I be able to review them separately?

Yes. In GGWP’s moderation dashboard, your moderators will be able to review either either Discord incidents or in-game Chat incidents at any given time. Player reputations will include the impact of incidents across both of those settings.

Can you link my in-game players to my Discord community participants?

At this time, we rely on our game partners to link their community IDs between Discord and their game, which requires opt in from players. Some communities have been able to do this while others aren’t there quite yet, and we can accommodate both of those cases.
We link all of the activity for each user ID to that user, and be able to combine accounts later if you start an authentication program and users connect their accounts.