Player Reports: Get ahead of the report handling “black hole”

Why use GGWP for report handling?

Full Context Credibility

We take into account context from the reporter’s history, corroborating reports and evidence, chat logs, game and match factors and relationships between players to determine the credibility of each report and reporter

Comprehensive auto-moderation

GGWP automatically reviews and triages every single report that comes in and determines player impact based on the report and reporter’s credibility – so your community knows you are listening

Player 360°

Know each player’s holistic contribution to your community over time and across contexts (Chat, Gameplay, Discord) to sanction and reward with confidence

Human Review support

GGWP prioritizes incidents and players for your human moderators to review and take action on in our easy-to-use dashboard


Goodbye, reports to nowhere

Player Reports are the main way your community can tell you when things go wrong. They are essential to keep your game healthy. However, the majority of games struggle with “reports to nowhere” despite their best efforts – it’s simply too time consuming to do comprehensive manual investigations to process the majority of reports. The problem is beyond human scale.

GGWP’s AI-based player report management system enables you to triage player reports and auto-detected incidents with confidence so you act on them, with automated moderation when appropriate, and community health analytics to help your team focus.

Finally make the most of your players’ feedback to you.


Context-based Report Assessment

A major obstacle to processing player reports is the fact that so few of them are reliable or corroborated by other evidence.

GGWP solves this by looking at a variety of signals:

  • corroborating reports from other players
  • auto-detected behaviors like toxic chat or AFKs
  • evidence of brigading or bullying 
  • a player’s history with this type of incident 
  • a reporter’s credibility 
  • game factors, like whether a reporter just lost a competitive match due to the reportee
  • player level and experience
  • quality of the description submitted with the report

This gives us a complete picture of an incident’s credibility to use in our AI-driven auto-triage, which can reduce manual your manual report volume by >95%.


Reporter Credibility

When your moderators are reviewing reports, they prioritize the incidents reported by your most reliable players – the ones who serve as your game’s “community patrol” and have proven over and over to have good judgment.

GGWP does the same thing. Based on players’ reporting history, we identify the reporters who are most likely to be credible and weigh their reports more highly. Conversely, we identify the players who are most likely to file false reports when angry or tilted or to engage in brigading and take this into account.

Our view of reporters’ accuracy updates with each report they file, so we can surface the most reliable reports to your attention every time.


Auto-Confirmation of Verbal Abuse Reports

GGWP uses our AI-based chat detections to auto-confirm verbal abuse reports, reducing the manual effort required for review. 

Our system cross-references reported incidents with the user’s chat history and behavioral patterns, providing a comprehensive view of the situation and supporting you in making informed moderation decisions.

chat auto-validation

Auto-detected Behaviors​

Did you auto-detect a client-side anti-cheat? Was the player inactive for a long period of time along with that AFK report? Was there a friendly fire detection to go with the griefing complaint? Conversely, did you see a player sharing items with a teammate who was struggling in order to help?

GGWP takes in auto-detected events, both to augment our confidence in players’ reports and to directly affect a player’s reputation when appropriate. We can work with your existing detections or create custom models for your game, to give you the most comprehensive view possible.

Player reputations

Comprehensive Player Reputations

Know each player’s holistic contribution to your community – across time and contexts. 

Our player reputations take into account the positive, neutral, and negative messages and actions taken by each player and auto-detected by our AI, meaning that our reputations are truly holistic and comprehensive. 

With a complete player 360° view, you can deeply understand your community and moderate players with confidence.


Easy to get Started

Integrate your chat into our game within minutes with our easy-to-use API. 

Your team automatically gets access to our dashboard and auto-moderation features, with no configuration required. 

When you send us additional information about player activity and match summaries, you get richer and deeper insights at no charge to you.


Comprehensive Community Management

Understand your game’s aggregate community health, review incidents that occur with contextual information. 

View each player’s detailed history and see each incident in context using our smart, AI-powered moderation platform – included at no charge with your subscription.


Auto-moderation Out of the Box

GGWP enables you to moderate messages in the moment and take automated action to sanction players.

Our automated actions are based on a full AI-based review of that player’s history as well as the incident in question, much like a human moderator would do.

This means you can finally ensure that your community stays healthy with a >90% reduction in manual effort.

Comprehensive Incident Coverage​


Using methods that go against the rules of the game to gain an unfair advantage, often through third party software.


Abusing or misusing a glitch, bug, or unintended feature in the game to gain an unfair advantage.

Verbal Abuse
Verbal Abuse

Using insulting, derogatory, or inflammatory language towards other players.

Inappropiate Name
Inappropiate Name

Having a username that contains vulgar, offensive, or hateful references


Intentionally disrupting or sabotaging another player’s game experience or harassing other players for personal enjoyment.


Attempting to deceive or trick other players into performing unintentional and potentially harmful actions.


Repeatedly sending an excessive amount of unsolicited or unrelated messages in game chat to disrupt or annoy other players.


Being helpful to another player or otherwise creating a positive atmosphere on the team and contributing positively to another player’s game experience


The categories above are the most common categories our customers have, but GGWP flexibly takes in other categories of reports, including ones that are unique to your game.


Why are your reputation scores unique?

Our scores take into account different sources of information and take a really long term view. They also take into account the confidence and severity of each incident to ensure that reputation impacts are fair and feel reliable for decision making to moderators and can be used by our AutoMod sanctioning system.

Do you take in our other auto-detections, like anti-cheat?

Absolutely. You can send us any automated detections that you already have in place, and we will use them to both adjust the player’s reputation score and to determine the credibility of each human player report. For example, if a player reported someone for cheating and the automated system did as well, we will increase the human reporter’s credibility as well so that person’s future cheating reports will be weighed more heavily.

How do you prevent Brigading?

One of our main concerns in increasing report credibility is to avoid inadvertently helping bullies get away with brigading-type activity. We examine social connections between players (e.g. whether they often play together) and the frequency of time they report together to determine whether their reports on the same player are likely to be legitimate. We also limit how much impact multiple reports can have in a given time period, to naturally limit the impact of any brigading that still occurs.

How do you make sure tilted or angry reporters don’t unfairly tank a player’s score?

We take both game context and player context into account when calculating the credibility of a given report or reporter to minimize the impact of less credible reports. If players regularly file false reports when angry, their credibility goes down and their reports impact scores less.