Usernames: Foster a respectful community from first login


Stop Toxicity from First Login

Usernames are more than just identifiers; they are the first interaction point between players within your game’s community. However, maintaining a respectful and inclusive environment can be a challenge due to the sheer volume of names to review and endless creativity of gamers.

Enter GGWP. Our AI-based tools allow you to tackle the problem head-on, setting the tone from your game from the start and minimizing the number of names that slip through and ruin the player experience.  


Cover Common Gamer Workarounds

1337 Speak, typos, phrases, dividers, mixed capitalization, phonetic similarities, non-obvious offensive context – players get creative with offensive usernames.

As a game-focused company, GGWP keeps up with trends in username workarounds to stay ahead of bad actors.


Easy to get started

Start sending us your usernames within minutes with our easy-to-use API. Our streamlined, simple onboarding process with smart defaults out-of-the-box will enable you to start protecting your community right away.

Your team automatically gets access to our dashboard and auto-moderation features, with no configuration required.


Customization for your Community Rules

Each community has a different idea of what is offensive. GGWP picks defaults that work for most games most of the time, and we enable fast and easy customization by category.


Reduce Moderator Workload

Reduce moderator workload by >90% with our AI-based username moderation solution, so your mods can focus on more complex moderation tasks and lean in where human decision-making is truly needed


Comprehensive Player Reputations

Know each player’s holistic contribution to your community – across time and contexts.

Our player reputations take into account a player’s username attempts over time and combine these with the positive, neutral, and negative messages and actions taken by each player and auto-detected by our AI, meaning that our reputations are truly holistic and comprehensive.

With a complete player 360° view, you can deeply understand your community and moderate players with confidence.


Comprehensive Community Management

Understand your game’s aggregate community health, review incidents that occur with contextual information.

View each player’s detailed history and see each incident in context using our smart, AI-powered moderation platform – included at no charge with your subscription.