The first anti-toxicity platform for games

GGWP modernizes game moderation.  We use AI to identify positive and disruptive player behavior and empower moderators to become superhuman with automation and streamlined tools.

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Did you know?


Of all matches have toxic Incidents


Official response rate of reports submitted by users


Estimated revenue loss due to toxicity


GGWP's vision is to democratize positive play using technology

We provide game developers easy-to-use tools to protect and nurture their communities and create a more positive experience for their players.


Proactive AI models detect and respond to disruptive behaviors in real-time

We use machine learning and smart behavioral models to identify, prioritize, and help triage toxic incidents in real-time. We make moderation more efficient and accurate.


Context-driven chat that goes beyond keyword filtering

Our game-focused chat solution uses AI detections and AI-based triage so you can keep your community safe and help your mods touch only the cases that need them.


Get ahead of the report handling “black hole” with AI-based triage

Take a complete, context-driven view of each report at scale, so you can finally listen to player report feedback, while keeping sanctions fair.


Smart username detection to stop toxicity from first login

Cover common gamer workarounds and keep community safe with GGWP’s game-focused username toxicity detections.


Find your champions and protect your Discord community

Elevate your Discord community and recognize your champions with GGWP’s social insights and game feedback.

Data Security

Protect user privacy and comply with regulation

You take your players’ privacy seriously and so do we. Our strict data handling and deletion policies guarantee your information stays protected.

GGWP complies fully with major regulations like GDPR and CCPA to protect customer information. Our built-in transparency reports make DSA compliance a breeze too.


Why work with us?

GGWP’s platform enables you to deeply understand your game community’s health and take action to improve it. We do this by combining game-specific insights from social media, player behavior, text chat and player reports to help you reduce moderation costs and take smarter actions to sanction and reward players.

What customers are saying

Benjy Boxer Unity Cloud

We chose GGWP as our chat moderation partner to power Unity's SafeText product after careful consideration and diligence that revealed best-in-class model performance along with an innovative roadmap to maintain leadership in the space.

Rodrigue Delrue Fatshark

GGWP has been a key partner in building a healthy and inclusive environment within Fatshark games. Their content scanning service has allowed us to improve and scale up the detection of names going against our terms and conditions and reducing toxicity within the game.

Brian Knox Dreamhaven

Building communities that are welcoming is really important to us. GGWP’s technology helps us accomplish this by providing powerful tools that will help create a framework for what positive play looks like on day one.